Are you Insured?  Yes I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance up to £5million. Where do you shoot? If I am available I will shoot your wedding wherever and whenever it is. What time do you arrive and when do you leave? I start as early as you would like (the earliest ever was 6am) and I stay until the end of the party – I am there to capture your day, if I left after the first dance I would miss a lot! How will I receive my photos? About three weeks after your wedding you will receive a password protected gallery that will allow you to download and share your images with your family and friends.  Depending on your package, a memory stick and some lovely images will shortly follow or we will start to design your album together. Can I share my images on social media? Yes, they are your images of your wedding, you can do anything you like with your images – except to say you took them! Will I receive Hi-Res images? Yes I will send both hi-res and social media size images to you.  What about Black and White copies? You will receive every image in both colour and black and white. Can I have a second shooter?  Yes, I work with a lot of talented photographers and we all second shoot for each other, you will get two photographers who are both capable of leading a wedding. Can I buy an album after the wedding? Yes I can add an album to your package for a year after your wedding. How do I secure a date in your diary?  Through the payment of a £300 deposit.  Do you take credit card?  Yes.