About me

What motivates me? Meeting people and telling their story. I love that I get to know my couples at such a pivotal time in their lives and that I help to preserve and enhance their memories of their wedding day.

My aim is that my images will capture the key moments and interactions that form your day. I like to complement these reportage-style images with a short portrait session to capture you both looking beautiful. I don’t believe in set poses and forced routines so I use techniques to generate real emotions based on you and your day. Every photograph on my website is from a real wedding (no models!) and you can see that everyone looks relaxed, natural and real.

Before I became a professional photographer I was a physicist, specializing in optics and light – so while I love shooting in beautiful natural light, I am particularly expert in using artificial light. This comes in quite handy working in the UK and I am particularly proud of some of my winter and wet wedding work.


There are so many photographers in the market it’s easy to think that there are no unique selling points left. The truth about photography is that each photo is deliberate and for the most part, anticipated. My life, personality, inspiration and experiences dictate what my next photograph will look like and this is unique to me. I like to produce photos with impact from the beginning of a wedding day, right to the end of the evening celebrations.

If you feel that I could be the right photographer for you, drop me an email and let’s talk about your wedding plans.

What makes me, er, me

Science, Skiing, Piano, Bec, Space, Newcastle, Champagne, Els & Ru, Curry, Cuba, Canon, MrPorter, Freddie the cat, Dominos, Joe Malone, South Africa, Netflix, Lancaster, Fearless, Cobra, Lego, Log fires, Family.

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